Cancellation Policy

I am committed to providing all of my clients with exceptional coaching, readings and energy healing experiences.  

When you book an appointment, that time is set aside just for you. There is a lot of preparation that goes into providing you with the most meaningful experience possible. Missed appointments prevent me from accommodating other clients and ultimately impede the process towards your own personal wellness and development. 

Please call me at (607) 286-0220 by 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify me of any changes or cancellations.  If prior notification is not given, you will be charged full price for the missed appointment (see the Menu/Price List).  If you have purchased a multiple service package, the missed appointment will count as one of your purchased sessions/services.

I realize that life happens, and recognize that sometimes things come up that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.).  Please let me know as soon as possible if circumstances like these arise so we can work together to reschedule our appointment. 

Each client will be asked to sign a document acknowledging communication of this policy at our first appointment.

Taking Care of You is Important

If you are like most people, you often forget to make time for self-care. It is impossible to pour water from an empty cup, so remember to fill yourself up!  Make a commitment to your own wellbeing today!

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Payment Options


Payment via Cash & Local Checks Accepted

Returned Checks will incur a $35 returned item fee.

Debit & Credit Cards

I am able to accept Debit & Credit Cards using Square or PayPal Invoicing.

Payment Plans Avaibable for Packages

I will work with you to find a payment arrangement that works for your budget. 

Payment plans are available for the purchase of Coaching & Online ClassPackages only.  

Payments plans will be scheduled using PayPal and set up on a recurring basis until paid in full.

Returned ACH/Electronic Withdrawals & Payments will incur a $35 returned item fee.

Payment for Readings & Energy Healing are Due At or Before Time of Service.

Cancellation policy applies, and clients will be billed as applicable.